S C H E D U L E    &    P R I Z E S 

Schedule JUNE 30st, 2023 – FREE ENTRY Deadline 
JULY 1 - 10st, 2023  Reviewing & Judging  of the submitted video recordings 
JULY 15th and 16th, 2023 Notification of the approved contestants
JULY 15th-31st, 2023 Application for Final Round & Payment of administrative fees(Approved Invitation Based Application, entry fee: $ 75)
JULY 31th, 2023 All finalists will have been confirmed.
AUGUST 1 - 10st, 2023  Reviewing & Judging  of the submitted video recordings 
AUGUST 15th, 2023 ONWARDS The winning results will be announced

Prizes & Awards

The overall winner will receive the “ International Music Competition Festival(IMCF) GRAND PRIZE” Award Ex) https://sites.google.com/view/imcf/%ED%99%88

Certificates for First, Second, Third and Fourth Prize winners.

Our purpose is to provide continuous support to the winners to help them promote and develop their music study and career in international performance stages. The IMCF stems from a vision to harness the power of art and culture as a means of connecting people from around the world. It is an event that takes place entirely through video submissions.

Each instrument or category will be judged in groups based on the age of the contestants. All applicants will receive a certificate of participation after the winners’ announcement by email.